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Honeybee is a Fintech B Certified Corporation that empowers HR and DEIB leaders committed to creating an equitable and inclusive culture by providing access to financial tools and education to help improve their employees’ financial health.

Honeybee visualized the opportunity to connect with their users in their native language aiming to foster long-term, high-trust relationships. By partnering with UVteam, HoneyBee was able to do so and has solved more than 50,000 interactions in English and Spanish through phone, email, and chat, and yet more to come.

The Story

Back in 2017, HoneyBee started business; like any other new company their hands were full with several tasks, and little staff was available to complete them. Some tasks could wait for a while; however, the user’s calls, chats and emails grew exponentially as new clients partnered with them. Handling these interactions became a full-time job that distracted the team from their core strategic activities.

Therefore, HoneyBee envisioned the possibility of hiring an outsourcing service that could take care of the user’s interactions. The challenge was to find a trustworthy partner able to onboard committed people who could effectively solve people’s requests while being empathetic in English and Spanish. That was what HoneyBee discovered in UVteam, a reliable partner able to tackle the said challenges.

At first, Honeybee delegated to us the inbound calls, which we started handling single-handedly. By doing so, we immediately lightened the company’s workload and allowed them to focus on their core business. As the business grew, UVteam became a strategic ally by creating a solid customer support team that became an extension of HoneyBee’s team.

Currently, we handle inbound and outbound interactions through phone, email, or chat; we also produce several reports and back office activities for the HoneyBee management team. Thanks to our partnership, Honeybee has Honeybee provided world-class bilingual customer service while saving money and time for over five (5) years now.

At UVteam, we can take care of all your non-core activities so you don’t have to worry about employee attrition, infrastructure, training, supervision, and many other resources required to manage a contact center and back office operation. Contact us, we are ready to onboard a team for you.

Our accomplishments

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customer service tickets solved
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on-air hours with clients in Colombia and the USA
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Success Cases

Compliance Partners

Crowe, our compliance partner, audits our information security management system and overall business processes, following international standards. This persistent effort ensures safe operations for our clients.

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