Colombia, The Home of Great Customer Service

Finding the right balance between being assertive and empathetic is a tricky task but Colombians make it look very easy, and that’s what we call great customer service. Colombia, is the country where you’ll find true warmth and willingness to help in every conversation. Once you step into our country, presently or through any contact channel, you will feel like this country is your second home.

Colombians’ innate talent combined with cultural values makes this country a destination to keep an eye on. We are filled with enthusiasm, friendliness, resourcefulness, and creativeness that ensure this country is more than ready to become a business hub. In addition, Colombians are well known for their beautiful Spanish accent and high proficiency in English, as well as for being the most welcoming people in the world resulting in great customer service.

Knowing a little more about us makes your choice easier. According to the IMD World Talent 2019 Report, Colombia has the largest workforce in the region, with the highest rates of growth and training, ahead of countries like Peru, Mexico, and Brazil.


Here are four (4) reasons why Colombia is an strategic place for outsourcing:

  1. Negligible time zone difference, therefore our availability time is more centered with your clients’ time.
  2. Lower costs than those of an in-house employee without losing quality assurance.
  3. Our ethnic and cultural richness, and our cultural similarities to Europe and the US culture, allow us to respect each other’s differences and to rapport with people around the world easily.
  4. Excellent English and Spanish proficiency with a distinctive way of speaking

Amazon, Mercado Libre, Teleperformance, Atento, Concentrix, Accenture, and Scotiabank, among others, are prime examples of global companies recognizing the potential of the outsourcing industry in Colombia, as they have set up huge services and innovation hubs in Colombia.

UVteam represents all the previously mentioned combined with high-quality omnichannel services to support customers through social media, chat, phone, etc. We focus on delivering an excellent service, at a low cost to you and your organization, using both human agents and state-of-the-art robots.

We are a trustable partner that helps small, medium, and big-sized companies to take advantage of these benefits by rendering bilingual Contact Center and Backoffice services from Bogotá to clients in the USA, as an extension of your team.

We value and exalt the qualities that Colombian people are known for around the world by learning and improving with everything we do. Our customer service skills and sales techniques have evolved throughout the years to showcase how we excel in these areas, displaying all the wonderful aspects of our culture and upbringing.

UVteam is the answer because:

  1. We improve on a daily basis so our clients can provide their users/customers a fast and easy way to access their products and services.
  2. High-quality standards of satisfaction while saving lots of money.
  3. We will improve and increase the voice-to-voice recommendations by providing world-class interactions and an excellent customer experience.
  4. Your contact channels will rock with our state-of-the-art technology automating processes, centralizing channels, and monitoring your CX

Proof of this is the following comments from happy customers who will surely recommend your company’s name.

  • «Thank you for responding so quickly, excellent customer service, and great help when I called»
  • «Thank you very much, your customer service was outstanding. Isabela was very nice, pleasant and professional»
  • «Thank you for the great customer service that this company gives.»

We can build personalized teams to make your customer service rock, contact us now

“Colombians welcome you with their talent, innovative ideas, and lots of opportunities for great business”

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