2022 was great and 2023 will be better with UvTeam

Before 2022 ends we’d love to share you some of our most memorable events of the year at UVteam. Undoubtedly we have had 365 days full of challenges, achievements, learnings, and tons of teamwork to meet the expectations of our customers. But such an effort was well worth it, as we noticed how we could help our customers thrive by strengthening their Back Office, customer service, invoice management, and loan recovery processes successfully. 

We got the chance to continue working with HoneyBee, a company that has trusted in our Customer Service solutions for almost 5 years now. We truly believe that our clients’ trust is the most valuable asset for us and is the key to continue building win-win alliances. That’s why we worked hard the whole year to carefully expand our team with the right people and to enhance our processes and technology so we can provide our clients with the best balance between effectiveness and affordability. This endeavor led us to even stronger relationships with our clients.

Luis, the CFO a of a non-profit financial institution in California confirmed how valuable was his partnership with UVteam in 2022 as follows:

“After a few years of foundation and with a growing number of customers and prospects, some of the essential processes of our company were left aside, until we partnered with UVteam. Now that we have teamed up, I can say that we are ahead of the Backoffice, customer service, invoice management and loan recovery processes.”

This testimony meant a lot to us as it demonstrates how our hard work and strategy has allowed clients like Luis to forget about all the non-core processes and focus on the growth of his company. Stories like this help us focus our efforts in 2023 and the years to come on continuing to enhance our solutions with our clients’ needs at the center of our whole strategy.

On the other hand we are happy to announce that once again, we have successfully passed the annual audit on Information Security Management System (ISMS). We work tirelessly every year on the safe management of our client’s information following the best international standards and practices. This annual activity has improved our operations as we grow by implementing additional controls that diminish the risks of our operations therefore, delivering trust to our clients.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support you showed us this year. May the upcoming year be filled with success and wealth. We are looking forward to continuing working with you and to expand these benefits to several new clients.

Finally, we are very excited to announce that soon our outsourcing solutions will be available in Spain. We can’t wait to start working with new partners in this wonderful country.

Let’s make 2023 the best year for your business

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