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At UVteam we have a specialized Spanish-speaking Team, fluent in English to help your company with Accounting Back-Office | Virtual Assistants | Customer Experience | Lead Management

With one single fee, we will include a professional, backup for holidays or leaves, Data Security compliance, and more.

Stop worrying about personnel rotation and high labor costs.

Free up your time to focus on
your scalable growth

Companies face challenges related to high staff turnover, high labor and infrastructure costs, talent shortage, and poorly trained staff for bilingual solutions.

Our experienced staff and infrastructure is up and ready to become an extension of your team. We assure the service standards are met while reducing your company’s costs up to 50%. Don’t worry anymore about staff management and focus on your core business activities.

Inhouse cost
Outsourcing with UVteam
Reduce staff turnover
Our team is prepared to handle a high volume of requests from your clients. We organize a team with the right skills, at the perfect time and place to optimize your investment.
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Reach your clients wherever they are
Increase the chance of closing online sales with a bilingual team ready to handle questions and requests at any time.
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Meet quality and security standards
We carefully select qualified personnel and train them constantly on your company's products and services to deliver valuable information to your clients. All this in compliance with International Information Security Standards.
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Focus your efforts on your core business
Assuring our partners a virtual team willing to work side by side to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
We take care of providing the best experience and quality to your work.
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The heart of our service is to truly understand your business, at the nitty-gritty level, so we can help your customers effectively. A seamless customer experience will boost your brand and improve your word-of-mouth.

Our accomplishments

increase in sales for our customers
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Transactions coded per month
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on-air hours with clients in Colombia and the USA
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of our clients are CPA, Bookkeeping and Accounting firms
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What Our Clients Say

Let's work together easily

Our onboarding process is so simple that from the get going you will feel confident to delegate the customer interactions in our hands.

solution design

First of all, we listen to your company’s needs in order to design a tailor-made solution. You will receive a FREE projection of savings and benefits of partnering with UVteam, including ideas on how to face your current challenges.


Once you partner with UVteam, we will provide you with a detailed implementation plan. We will take care of everything for you while keeping you posted so you don’t miss any detail.


All set! We open the lines to start interacting with your customers. We will co-monitor the interactions to make sure everything works as expected. You will have an account manager assigned to resolve all your concerns in real time.


Our continuous improvement strategy is based on data and trends analysis that we collect from customer interactions. Your client’s voice is the raw material to generate competitive advantages for your company.

Compliance Partners

Crowe, our compliance partner, audits our information security management system and overall business processes, following international standards. This persistent effort ensures safe operations for our clients.

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